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Kindly supply the model number of your access point and your router so we can guess the default IP address. My guess is that you have two seperate boxes, a router and a wireless access point. If they are from different manufacturers, it's likely that one is on and the other is on These are on different subnets and your PC will see one, or the other, but not both, unless you increase your netmask to Use ping to check for connectivity before trying to access the web page configs.

You can find the gateway address of the router with: Start -> Run -> cmd IPCONFIG The "gateway" address is the IP address of your router.

Some routers are slow at starting the web configuration and need a "/" at the end of the URL. It sometimes helps to ping the router first.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Hi all I am new to wireless networking and have a problem i can not solve i have my access point connected to my router and every thing works ok but i can not get into the web config utility no password request comes up just page not available i can connect using the basic wireless ap utility that came with the access point though it lists the ip address and subnet but no gateway address can any one help me as i need to update the firmeware

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