Having throughput problems with Netgear WGU624 router

I just purchased the recently released Netgear WGU624 dual band a/b/g wireless router with the matching Netgear WAG511 adapter and I am having troubles downloading files at the maximum speeds offered by Comcast. Both wired and wireless computers are affected. Transfering within the LAN is no problem, I get better speeds than I did with my old routers, but trying to download from any site on the WAN, my speeds slow significantly to anywhere from 30k to 2k. I have no idea why. Browsing with Firefox seems fine though. Playing with the MTU values have no effect.

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I have a 512K cable and if I go do a speed test (you can search on this and find one) it shows pretty close to 512K but if I download a program from a website I usually just get about 50k or so. I think some sites limit the download speed so it doesnt suck up all their bandwidth..........maybe someone else can add to this though. As with me Browsing is GOOD

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Is your 50k, 50 Kbits/sec or 50 KB/sec?

50 KB/sec is 400 Kbits/sec which is what one would expect for a download.


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