adsl internet with netgear wireless router rangemax router problems

i have adsl cnnection and i'm using netgear rangemax wireless router but my connection drops out often and sometimes goes dead and the only way to fix it is by restartin the router,,,my modem seems to be fine,,,, especially when i use yahoo messenger it drops out a lot..... we have 4 laptops in the house and all 4 of us have the same prob..... hw can i fix this permenantly.......something to do with the settings of the router????? or is it just faulty.... thanks and regards vineel

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What does "drops out" mean _exactly_? Do your computers lose their connections? How do you know? Is the router really locked up? How do you know? Are you running any peer-to-peer filesharing (e.g., Bittorrent)? That can cause many low end routers to fall over and die. It may help to severely restrict the number of connections in the filesharing app.

Hard to say without a lot more detail.

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