Printer/File Sharing Just Stopped, HELP

My network has been functioning almost flawlessly for over a year now and all of a sudden I can't share printers or files anymore.

The network consists of a DSL modem feeding into a Linksys WRT54GS router. My desktop is connected directly to the router. I have two laptops that connect wirelessly. I have three printers (1 parallel, 2 USB) on the desktop and one printer on each of the laptops (both USB). (Why so many printers????, we travel a lot in a motorhome and have to have printing capability). Operating system is XP.

As I say the whole network has been working great until last week. Internet access is still functioning but printer and file sharing has stopped on me. I have tried with and without the virus/firewall software running. I have rechecked file and print sharing. When I check the printers in Control Panel the network printer's icons first state "opening" and then "can not connect". I have of coarse rebooted all computers and the router. I have checked the settings on the router. No settings have changed. Obviously something has changed because I have no printer or file sharing.

Sure could use some help here. I can add any pertinent info to help if needed. Thanks in advance for ANY help.

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Bob & Nan
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Check the windoze firewall (not the second one you have with your antivirus stuff and already checked)... Once in a while (unpredictable when, happened to me twice in 3 years), a download/windows update will change the security settings and turn the windows firewall back on, and in my case, messed up my file and printer sharing....

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Peter Pan

you might also mention what version of Windoze is running on each system.

I have one laptop that will not share....

I think it had something to do with my "sharing" the c:\\ root at some point, and then turning that off, and just going back to specific folders, yet still using "simple file sharing".

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As I stated in my original post, using Windows XP on all. Thing that has me beat is that they (all of my networked computers) stopped print/file sharing almost at the same time. I can usually trouble shoot problems on one computer by seeing what the other two are doing. It helps. But this is a common problem that happened all at once after literally months of trouble free performance.

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