Not getting new DHCP address

I have 20+ laptops that are all having this issue. All running Windows XP Pro, with DHCP newly installed on a Windows Server 2003 platform (this issue came up on the old DHCP server also - a Win2k box).

When someone takes their laptop home (or just to another wireless network) and then comes back into the office, the computer doesn't pick up a DHCP address from our network - it just uses it's old IP settings from the last wireless network. Luckily, most users know to do a repair

- which fixes it - but it is really causing troubles. We are having lots of duplicate IP address issues because of this.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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Bicyclekick01 hath wroth:

One insight, coming up.

It's really not a bug. It's a feature.

One common fix is to have users run: start -> run -> cmd ipconfig /release (wait about 3 seconds) ipconfig /renew Most users get tired of doing that.

This is a much better VBS script from the FAQ that works well:

I have it sitting on my desktop and just run it when needed.

There's also a problem with laptops coming out of hibernation or standby. Windoze will USUALLY (not always) get a new DHCP lease from a cold or warm boot. However, in standby or hibernate, it assumes that the machine is still in the old location. No fix except for the aformentioned scripts.

Reading between the lines, I'll guess that you have some users using static IP addresses on their laptops. Bad idea. Keep everything set to DHCP.

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