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I have a wireless network set up at home. My connection strength is always excellent. Every so often, the broadband connection is lost and then reconnects, but the connection between my wireless card and router never goes down. What might be causing this and how can I fix it!!

It gets really annoying when downloading large files because I need to start again.

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Stuart Geoghegan
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Check the Intrusion Detector page to see if you're getting flood attacks and check the log page to see if any sore thumbs -- like frequent DHCP lease renewals -- stick out.

You might also want to block pings (in the WAN settings) if you haven't already done so.

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Neill Massello

If this is happening during big downloads, it might be your ISP. I've noticed my ISP tends to drop my IP address at the weirdest times (middle of the night) while i've got a lot of downloads queued up and decent speeds. A simple release/renew fixes the problem, but i'm almost wondering if they are trying to reduce bandwidth usage by causing downloads to abort.

It never happens unless i'm downloading a lot! Unless this is some sort of buffer underrun error with my modem.


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