My Dlink DWL-650 (Rev C) works with my wireless router but the overhead from running the wireless connection makes my old 700 Mhz thinkpad un-useable. The CPU utilization goes to 70% and higher with no applications running aside from firefox 1.5.

My laptop does work well with the wireless card removed and running on a wired connection. The CPU utilization is around 15% in that environment.

I did contact Dlink support. They suggested that after the connection is established I could stop the zero configuration interface. That really doesn't seem to help.

Are other wireless cards less demanding on the CPU than the Dlink card? Yes, I understand the chip set and the cpu combine to make the wireless interface work but this poor old laptop won't go any faster. Can't add more memory (although that isn't the problem).

Thanks for any suggestions..

Tom S.

tom at stephenson dot cc

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Tom Stephenson
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Hi, My TP T21(PIII, 800MHz) worked very well with that card????????

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Tony Hwang

works well under win98se on a celeron 550. your problem is windows.

Tom Stephens> My Dlink DWL-650 (Rev C) works with my wireless router but the overhead

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