dwl-650 annoying config problems - thank you

Just wanted to thank the NG for this one. I have a D-Link dwl-650, but I use Win9x so I was stuck with D-Link's very lacking configuration utility. Theirs does not offer different config profiles, which is a real pain when you have WEP set up (for at least one) of your networks.

The advice below worked well for me, the link is still good (for anyone else trying to use this antiquated hardware)

I unloaded all of the D-Link driver/config stuff, and then downloaded and installed the config utility from Linksys, and also the driver for their WPC11 (version 2.5). On reboot when windows detected the (now unknown) DWL-650 PC card, I forced this driver, and it works well.

Thanks again, Arthur P.S, File name is wpc11v25.zip

Hey, Dave. Similar problems... > > Get the Linksys driver for their PC Card. It's a simpler driver, with > profiles for each site, and it works well with the D-Link. Best thing > about it is the WEP part... very simple... > > > On the P.S., it's clever that they've figured only 1-way MAC > filtering, huh? (while other companies have it done months ago) > > > On the PPS, all vendors use 24 of the precious bits, so 64-bit is > actually 40, and as you've deduced, 128-bit is really 104. Good job > there!! > > > We had such a lousy experience with D-Link APs and cards and "Tech > Support" (that somehow thought they were Legal Department, telling us > to read the Limited Liability Statement...) that we've returned almost > everything D-Link. > > > Good luck! HTH. > Thom >
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