disable wep key on Netgear WGT624

I need to know how to disable WEP on my Netgear WGT624....??? I tried enabling enabling WEP and now I am unable to get back into my wireless router.

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You need to provide a whole lot of information for us to assist you. We know that you have a Netgear WGT624 wireless router, however, we do not know what type of wireless notebook card, wireless PC adapter or wireless USB adapter you have. Please provide the make and model. Are you using Windows and if so, which version. Still, I will take a shot at attempting to answer your posted question. First, when you created your WEP key and enabled WEP via your WGT624 wireless router, did you copy that exact same WEP key to your wireless client, i.e, wireless notebook card, wireless pc adapter or wireless USB adapter? If not, you will be unable to communicate with the WGT624, wirelessly. Your wireless router and wireless client must have identical WEP keys in order for you to communicate with it. The same thing goes for WPA-PSK in which your wireless router should support. If both your router and wireless client support WPA-PSK, use it instead of WEP. In more secure and, in my opinion, easier to configure. In most cases, all you would need to do is enter a passphrase in the router's menu and in the wireless client's menu. In your post, you stated, "....and now I am unable to get back into my wireless router." If you connect a computer directly to the WGT624, via an ethernet cable, you should be able to access your router's menu. As I stated before, wirelessly, you will not be able to communicate with the WGT624 until you enable WEP on your wireless client AND use the exact same WEP keys as you did in the WGT624.

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