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Hi, I use XP SP1 on two machines, a laptop and a desktop. The laptop goes from home (128-bit WEP) to school (unsecured), and has an Intel Pro Wireless 2200 (802.11b). The desktop obviously stays at home, and it has a Realtek RTL8180 (802.11b). It shouldn't matter if I get an 11g card, as the router at home is 11b. The router at home doesn't use MAC restriction, and does broadcast its SSID.

The laptop is mostly fine going from school to home, except that I cannot access Windows Networking shares until I reboot. HTTP, SSH, etc. work fine. Going the other way requires a reboot. Using or browsing for another AP/router requires a reboot too. The desktop I obviously haven't moved, but seems to work fine.

The WEP key (which is 26 hex characters) is truncated to 10 characters as soon as I enter it (well, as soon as I enter it twice and reopen the window). This happens on either machine.

I've already run WinsockXPFix.exe on the laptop to no avail. Last time I tried, I could not delete the wireless connection on the laptop; it complained about a DNS cache not being empty. What should I do?

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Upgrade to SP2

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Truncating of the key in your window is normal(anyone having a quick look won't know the actual length of your key}

To flush the DNS Start>Run Type cmd and press Enter Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter

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I've used various WLAN configuration tools that won't allow you to paste in the WEP key, so you have to type it blind *twice*, and try not to make a mistake. I hate that; PITA. Is SP2 like that?

Cool, thanks. So should flushing the DNS cache allow me to move between APs without rebooting, or will I still have to go ahead and delete/remake the connection? Or is there a deeper problem?

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