Long range wireless internet

Access points have more or less the same ranges - at the most a few hundred meters.

How do you cover a larger area of a city, i.e. in the range of a few km? Something that does not require a public licence, preferably.

Thanks, Knud

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Knud Josefsen
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Complete and total bullshit.

If you stay within 2.4Ghz, I've used smartBridges stuff. There's others, look at Tranzeo. Got more money? Look at Alvarion. Other frequencies, other solutions.

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The island I'm on (~1x2 miles) is connected by a SpeedLAN mesh from

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that works pretty well. It's essentially

802.11b hardware in outdoor housings with their own protocol, and except for some fade during heavy storms has been at least as reliable as the DSL line that brings us our Internet. 8*) Nodes within about 1/2 mile of each other get by with omni antennas, others have gain dishes.
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William P. N. Smith

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