Netgear WGT624 - DD-WRT compatibility

Very quick question. I have a netgear WGT624 V3. Is it DD-WRT compliant?

It's not listed in (below) but that doesn't necessarily mean much.

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I'll add this too. Is there any way to locally determine the firmware version for it? Thanks

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Ooops. Just found it myself .... Ver 2.0.10_1.0.1

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If it's not listed, it's probably not supported. It's sometimes handy to see if OpenWRT supports it:

Yep. It's listed. See:

However, it appears you have to build your firmware image and there are problems with the v3 mutation not working. See:

Aren't you glad you opened this can of worms?

This might also be worth reading:

Incidentally, Netgear is testing the open source waters with the WGR614L. See:

I don't think you'll see an open source port for your router from Netgear.

See the status page on the web based configuration. Firmware updates:

By coincidence, I fought a losing battle with a Netgear WGT624v3 today. I updated to the latest firmware, reset everything, and prostated myself before the router, but it still wouldn't work right. Wired traffic through the router was slow, erratic, lossy, and caused frequent timeouts and disconnects. Everything worked normally when I plugged into the DSL modem, but through the router was horrible. I never even tried the wireless. I gave up and suggested that the customer to perform unmentionable acts of violence to the vendor that sold to him (and allegedly tested) this router. My guess(tm) is that it's a NWAY negotiation failure between the router WAN port and the DSL modem (Speedstream 5100), but I didn't think of that until after I left the scene of the crime.

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Jeff Liebermann

Oh poops !!

Just seen a reference today. Probably this ng -)

Strange. Haven't had that sort of problem. Been able to stream video across one but this is not normally my fiels of endeavour. Thanks for the reply: reading (above) to do.

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