Netgear WGT624 V2 Router

I finally bought myself a Netgear WGT624 V2 Router. And I have to say I am somewhat disappointed. Whilst everything works. I cant say it works for any length of time. If I have the wireless feature enabled. The Router seems to loose the plot, and drops out every two hours or so. Getting it back online means a powerdown and restart. This has somewhat of annoyance factor.

Again whilst the wireless feature is enabled if there is a lot of network activity i.e.. file movement , online gaming etc. the router is inclined to reboot itself for no reason. Uptime can be measure in minutes opposed to hours or days. I have had the wireless feature turned off in the last week and have managed 6 days of uptime till today.

Seems to me that something is wrong with the chipset , and it could be all to do with heat. Anyone else experiencing these problems ?

The whole reason I got the Super G router was for the wireless feature it offered.

I have just done an auto firmware upgrade via the Embedded web interface to version 4.1.11. Having just visited the Netgear website, where it instructs that this version is for North America. Do I need to reverse my actions and go back to Ver 4.1.8 ? Can this be done ?

Any help would be appreciated guys.



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I too am suffering from the problem of it locking every few hours and needing a restart.

Did you ever find any solution to this problem?


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Alan Prideaux

No, nobody responded to my note. So I assumed everybody had stayed well clear of this dodgy product and I was the only git that went out and bought one.

On a serious note I did speak to another person that is testing the same model router for a review and he tells me all is well with it thus far.

I hope Netgear come up with a solution soon. Or else I will be throwing it back at the store I bought it from, even though I know it is not their fault.


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Excessive heat is at least one major problem of this router family. Try

to find a cooler place within your office.

Nevertheless I had the same problem as described here: router loks up

after several hours of operation. After at LOTS of testing, I found a

workaround for my router: don´t try to configure the router via a

wlan-connection. Use a LAN-connection instead. My router seems to have

a problem if I configure him via a WLAN connection!!!

I did it in this way:

  1. conenct a computer to one of the 4 switch ports.

  1. with help of a webbrowser reset the router to the factory settings

  2. finish your desired router configuration

see what happens.....

My WGT624 works since 4 weeks!! without any reboots, locks or so.

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