Netgear: WGT624 drops internet connection

Have you got it set to run at Auto 108 Mbps?

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I recently purchased an wireless netgear router (WGT624 v2).

But i'm having problems with it's stability. If I do massive download (15+ simultaneous download), it simply dies and I need to restart.

I've updated to latest firmware, disabled SPI firewall, tested different MTU sizes, set my DNS's static. But again and again I can "kill it".

It's connected to an zyxel 660R router.

Any suggestions ?

regards jorgen

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Jorgen [DK/2600]

Actually, running at auto 108 does make a difference, according to some users. Their connection becomes much more unstable. Try changing it to b,g only (maximum 54 mbps0 and see if that helps stabilize the connection.

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yep. makes no difference.

- jorgen

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