Wireless drops after installing MSN Messenger

Hi All,

Really annoyed! Having finished the lengthy process of reformatting and then reinstalling everything on my PC, everything worked fine, including steady wireless link to router, for 5 days. Kids return from holiday, install MSN Messenger and now the wireless keeps dropping every couple of minutes. Am going to remove Messenger but nor sure if it leaves anything behind. In meantime, anyone know if Messenger can cause this to happen or should I be looking elsewhere?

Think I'll get the kids their own PC and then charge them to fix it when it goes wrong!

TIA, relkeel

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On Thu, 15 Jun 2006 14:59:46 +0100, "relkeel" wrote in :

Messenger probably isn't the problem. It's more likely to be something else they installed, like peer-to-peer filesharing, which can easily overwhelm a home router. See help below.

Good idea.

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John Navas

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