Dell Desktop Can't Wireless

After 2 days spending hours on the phone/online with DELL tech. I have gave up all my hope from them! :mad::

So here is my last chance!


I'm setting up a wireless network for my Dell Inspiron 530s Desktop. I am using a 802.11g network adapter with Linksys Router WRT150N runs on Vista .

The driver has been updated to the newest one directed by DELL. I ve called Linksys, they made sure the router works perfectly . My other 2 pc is connecting to the same router work just fine.

what's the problem then? :confused::confused:

For unknowing reason, I just can't get wirelessly online !

Any help would be appreciated.


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First, how the deleted explative do you expect anyone to answer your question without the slightest clue what hardware, software, and firmware you're using? Start by describing the hardware. If you can't do that, supply the service code and we can look it up for you on the Dell support web pile. When you're done with that, try really hard to figure out the model number of the Linksys router, the hardware revision level (see the serial number tag), and the firmware version if possible. Maybe then, someone can fix your problem.

Meanwhile, are you using Vista? If so, Vista has some problems with DHCP. See:

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