D link G122 problem ( Pc and Mac)

I am using Dlink G122 wireless adapter and Dlink 624 router. I have two notebook and one Mac G4 computer. The first notebook have build in wirless card and work fine with the router, it can obtain the IP address automatically ( IP : submask :, Default gateway :, DNS:

The second notbook with Dlink G122 and it doesnt work with the router, It sits at "Obtaining IP address" for about 2 minutes until it times out, where it delivers an IP address of 169.254.xxx.xxx and announces that you have "limited connectivity". It can't brower any web site.

The Mac G4 also with Dlink G122 and it have wireless connection but also can;t brower any web site..

On the admin page of router setting , it show the range of Ip between - 1XX

Is the IP problem or the range of signal.?

Plese help and suggest any reason ?


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Try setting the gateway manually to, it should then get IP address. Failing that set all computers manually with static IPs. Regards, Martin

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