Router cannot see WAP11, cannot access either

BEFSR41 WAP11 Norton Internet Security

My wireless network was seemed to have issues and repeatedly dropped connections or I had to reboot. I also wanted some new features in a firmware upgrade. So I upgraded from 1.44.2 to 1.46.02.

At this point, my router could no longer see my WAP11. I also could not access the WAP11 via setup utility or web (

1) I reinstalled the 1.44.2 firmware, which did not resolve my issue. 2) I reset the WAP11 by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds. 3) I powered off the WAP11 for about 5 min.

Some interesting notes: While I could not ping or access the WAP11, a computer in my wireless network could still access it.

Also, if I disabled the personal firewall (Norton), the setup utility could make changes to the WAP11, however, these did not seem to save. That is, a computer in my wireless network accessed the WAP11, but WEP was disabled - I specifically enabled it using the setup utility.

Why can't my router see or access the WAP11 and why can't I access it via the URL?

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