Bridge Problem with 2 wifi ap

hi, i have 2 wired network and i want to connect them wirelessly the difference between the 2 networks are 2km.. here is what i got :

2 pheenet wap554g dhcp disabled 2 high gain antenna's 2 linksys routers with dhcp enabled

now i want to bridge them so what i did first of all i changed the ip in the ap's Access point A: ip add is default gateway's ip) Access point B: ip add is : default gateway's ip) Both of The ap are with the same name,same channel,same frequency

now what i did is i set the mode to ap point to multi point and added the lan mac or (B or E)ssid of A in B and the id of B in A. and i used the same name for them too.Now when i search for wireless connections i dont seem to find any..i think in bridge mode u are not supposed to see that particular connection.anyway is this configuration suppose to work??? coz icudnt get it work...pls help...By the way ryt now the adsl routers i am using to test this connection is linksys wag354g but when i go for the actual installation i dont know which routers will be there but i can assure u that there will be linksys routers over there ... pls comment

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