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I have a wireless router and an adsl2+ router. I want to bridge the two. I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 and a THOMSON ST585 V6. One is a Wireless-B Broadband Router and the other is Wireless ADSL/2+ Router. Is it possible for me to bridge the two routers. If it is possible I would be grateful for any instruction. Thanks.

Also is possible for me to run a RJ45 cable from the ethernet port of one router to the other internet port. Would this work?

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if by 'bridge' you mean wirelessly connect the two, then its unlikely. Does either router say that it can act as a wireless client? if so, figure out how to get it into that mode. Note that once in client mode, it probably can't also be an Access point for other clients. For that you need a range extender.

Yes, but you don't want to do that (ethernet to internet port) as it will make your network very complicated for no good reason. You should connect the two together via ethernet ports on both, and disable the DHCP server in one of the two units.

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