Wireless Bridge 2 networks

What model Linksys wired router?

Where does the WAN port on the DI-524 go to?

What model D-Link wireless bridge(s)?

Naw. Your default route on the network #2 workstations has to point to router #1 ( My guess(tm), is that you still have the DHCP server in the DI-524 running on Network #2. It's giving bogus gateway addresses to the workstations on Network #2.

I suggest you remove the DI-524 completely. Use the unspecified model D-Link trasnparent bridge(s) as they were intended to be used. Since it's a bridge, not a router, the bridges know NOTHING about IP addresses and such. Just make sure that broadcast traffic is enabled to pass across the bridge. If not, then the computahs on Network #2 cannot get IP addresses from the unspecified model Linksys router DHCP server on Network #1.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Good Evening:

Here's my dillema:

Network #1:

5 workstation network connected to Linksys wired router connected to modem connected to DSL. Router is Life is good.

Network #2:

3 workstation network connected to DI-524 wireless router. Router is Life is good.

Added D-Link bridge and JUMBO antennae on network#1 to link 1 & 2 together. Life is still good!

#1 can access all computers on both networks AND www. #2 can access all computers on network but NO www. I believe it is a port setting on one of the routers. Which router and what ports should I open?

Any ideas would be most helpful.




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D-Link Bridge: DWL-G810 Linksys Router: befsr81 (DSL Enabled) D-Link DI524 WAN port is EMPTY.

Thanks in advance.

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