Wireless bridge problem

I have been having a problem with passing DHCP requests and general access from a certain wireless bridge with a certain device. I hope someone here can help.

Network Setup: My main router (with DHCP server) is a Siemens Speedstream 2624. I have two Motorola WR850g V3 routers with DD-WRT V23SP2 running as wireless bridges (I'll call them Bridge 1 and Bridge 2. Bridge 1 has 2 linux machines hooked to it. Bridge 2 has a Windows XP home desktop and ocasionally a Windows XP laptop hooked to it. I also have an Iomega storcenter 250GB Network Attached Storage device (NAS) that I should be able to hook to either bridge or to the main router.

Problem Decription: Whenever I connect the Iomega NAS to Bridge 1 or to the router, everything works fine. The NAS gets a proper IP address from the router and I can see it from all of the machines on the network. However, when I connect it to Bridge 2, it cannot get an IP address and I cannot see it from any machine. The XP boxes connected to Bridge 2 get DHCP properly, so I know that Bridge 2 can do its job.

I have tried setting the NAS as a static IP address. When plugged into Bridge 1 or the router it is fine. On Bridge 2 it is invisible. I have tried different ports and different cables. It is weird that the XP boxes have no problems, but the NAS does.

I hope someone out there can help me.

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Bryant Smith
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