How to manually login to Wireless LAN?


I am running Windows XP SP1. I installed Belkin Wireless Desktop PCI Adapter. The problem is that, everytime I login to Windows XP, my computer connects to wireless network. But, I would like to manually turn on the wireless connection after I login, since sometimes I do not need to connect to internet. I called the Belkin customer support, but he told me it is not possible. I have difficuilty believing that. I turned on the Wireless Zero Configuration service on and off, but it did not help. Belkin utility has a radio option that I can disable but then I need to do this everytime before I shutdown the PC. I will really appreciate any pointers.


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Start|Connect to|Show all connections

Right click on your wireless connection. From the pop up menu, choose Disable

-- Same process to Enable

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Jerry Park

Go to Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right click the Wireless Connection and disable. When you want to use wireless just enable the same way.

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since i sometimes am wireless and wired, i often Right click on my connection icon on the notification area of the task bar and choose "open network connections". then i disable and enable the connections as i need to.

just a thought

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Awesome, it worked. Thanks a lot.

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