befw11s4 v4 & firmware 1.52.06

To update a befw11s4_v4 to firmware 1.52.06:

Get tftp.exe from:

Get the firmware from:

Rename the firmware filename to "code.bin"

A note on tftp & the befw11s4_v4: Do not try to start the tftp pgm at the same time as the befw11s4_v4 is powered up (as with a wrt54g). It seems the befw11s4_v4 will (only) respond to a tftp firmware download anytime _after_ it has been powered up. Therefore I suggest disconnecting the befw11s4_v4 from all lan & wan connections, other than the computer doing the firmware update.

Power up the befw11s4_v4 & check you can "talk" to it. Reset the befw11s4_v4 to factory defaults via the HTML interface. You should now be connected to the befw11s4_v4 at, login "admin" & password "admin". The router is now ready to accept the tftp firmware update.

From your computer dbl-click or run tftp.exe.

Enter the following:

Server: Password: admin File: [enter the location of the "code.bin" file you just renamed]

Click "Upgrade"

It didn't take long to flash the upgrade, 15 sec. as I remember. The tftp pgm will respond with a upgrade complete.

Wait a minute or so then try going to It should show "Firmware Version: 1.52.06" :)

I did a hard reset after flashing the new firmware (hold the reset button depressed for 30 seconds).

I have 15+ hours on the 1.52.06 code & it is running OK.

NOTE: This code has no "release notes"! There is _NO_ support for this firmware. I have attempted to describe how I got my befw11s4_v4 to run 1.52.06 firmware. Your results may be different.

It may fix some problems that I & others were having with the 1.52.02 firmware. My befw11s4_v4, running 1.52.02, would lock up or "freeze" at anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours from power on. It is not doing that now.


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