I can not communicate with the Router WRT54G

Thanks for your attention

but unhapilly I have tryed all your advices and it stills not communicating.

sveasoft does not give a sh.. they only want our 20 bucks. any other idea? regards thanks

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First, download both the binary and executable versions of WRT54G firmware from linksys as well as their tftp client (ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pub/network/tftp.exe). You will need the executable firmware upgrade program for what follows and the binary version and tftp.exe if this does not work.

Next, reset the router to the factory defaults. This can be done by holding the reset button down while turning on the router and holding the reset button a bit longer. The router should now be at with the default password for linksys routers.

Assign you computer a fixed IP address in the same subnet as the router ( would be such an address), use a subnet mask of, and a gateway of Connect the computer to the router using an ethernet cable and reboot the computer.

Finally, run the executable firmware upgrade program and use the default linksys password (admin).

If this does not work, you may need to upgrade the firmware using tftp. This procedure is more complicated and requires that you run tftp within a one second (or so) window. The instructions for this can be found at

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and you may need to use one of the older firmware versions for this to work.


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