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Just upgraded the firmware on my Netgear WGR614 v.1 so I could get WPA security (old firmware had only WEP). Now I have no internet and network connection on 2 wireless PCs (running Win2k and Vista). On the Vista machine (a Toshiba laptop) the IPv4 connectivity is shown as "local" and the IPv6 is "limited." Everything was working fine before the firmware upgrade (went from 1200 to 1400.) Any suggestions? The previous firmware is not on the Netgear site but one version earlier than 1400 is (1126).

Any suggestions? (please don't tell me to buy another router.)

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Lee M.
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This one?

Version 1100 is also posted on the web site.

I've had firmware update failures with later hardware versions of the Netgear WGR614. The v1 version is really old. I never could figure out what was causing them to fail. Recovery was just stomping on the reset button, renewing the DHCP lease, going to the firmware upgrade page, and doing it again. My guess(tm) is that it was some side effect of the settings in the router and that resetting the router BEFORE doing the upgrade may have been needed. Yes, this trashes all the previous settings, but one should assume that they will be lost after a firmware update anyway.

After punching reset, see if it will deliver a DCHP assigned IP address to your computah. Also check if it will respond to a ping to Watch out for "personal firewalls" on your PC. It might be something as simple as the IP address of the router changed after the update. If DHCP and ping work, you have a chance at getting the web page up and recovering. The bad news is that Netgear apparently (not sure) does not have a built in TFTP server. If you can't get the web pages up, you're stuck.

Actually, that's not quite correct. The WGR614v4 runs Linux and probably has a TFTP server. See open source shopping list at:

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Jeff Liebermann

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Well, maybe not. The v1 incantation apparently has a JTAG port. You could flash it from there. Partial instructions for V1 at:

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks for the suggestions. I forgot to mention that my main PC is wired to the router and that connection works fine so I can get to the router settings. Will reset to defaults, start over, and see what happens.

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