Netgear WGU624 firmware update?

I want to update the Netgear WGU624 to the latest firmware but after I successfully download the file and click on it windows asks which program I want to use to open this file??? The extension is a ".bin" file. It's not an exe or a zip file. The properties shows it's over a meg in size. How does one flash the router using a bin file? TIA dotcom

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First, go to the web configuration page. This is usually located at log in as the administrator, i'm not sure what the default password is for the wgu624 is. Most routers the username/password default is admin/admin. Hopefully you actually changed this during install :) Then from the main menu, go to Maintenance, then Router Upgrade. Then you should see a Browse button so you can upload the .bin file you downloaded. It's really important that the router is not powered down or disturbed in any way during the next few minutes while the new firmware is installed.

On the same screen that you upload the new version of the firmware, there is an option that the router can check automatically for new versions. This is handy, but if everything is working fine, there isn't any reason to upgrade.

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