10/100 with 30Mbps Internet

I have just purchased optimum boost which gives me 30Mbps.

I connect the cable modem directly to the PC via 10/100 Ethernet card and I get as good as 30Mbps.

However, when I connect the cable modem to my D-Link Di-614+ and then run a cable from one of the 10/100 ports to the PC's ethernet 10/100 card, the speed is halved.

I use the DI-614+ because I broadcast the internet wirelessly to a couple of laptops.

Does anyone have an idea why the speed would be degraded when we're not talking about the signal being transmitted wirelessly, all I'm doing here is using 10/100 to 10/100 via the router?

Thanks for any help, I called D-Link, got put through to a call center in India who told me my problem was my microwave oven would you believe



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The problem is that your router can't handle 30 Mbps WAN to LAN. If you really want firewall throughput that can handle that sort of bandwidth, you are going to have to upgrade. The most reasonably priced "small" router that I can think of is a Cisco Pix 501. They claim it can do around 60 Mbps, but real-world it's closer to 45 or so. You can pick them up for less than $300 USD on Ebay any day of the week.

Then, you'll need to find a nice wireless access point.

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its definitely an issue with the firmware of the router. umm..try reducing the mtu on the router by 100 units and see if that makes any difference.

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