D-Link DI-614+ Rev B., Why does it suck so very much?? halp

My Router is a "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B". It was bought many years ago and now my HSI connection has lots of lag. Is the cause of my lag the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router?

Should I spend upwards of $100 to replace my "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" wireless/wired router?

Does anyone here have any opinion on the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router?

Do you have any links or stories related to the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router?


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Robert Blass
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Bypass the router temporarily by connecting your computer directly to the cable/DSL modem and see if there is a marked improvement. Troubleshoot by substitution.

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Char Jackson

How much is "lots of lag"? That is, what are you measuring, how are you measuring, what results are you getting, and what are your expectations? Numbers please.

Yes. The DI-614+ is 802.11b only, which will do about 4.5Mbits/sec max thruput on a good day. Typical is much less. If you can tolerate that level of thruput, leave it alone. If you want more speed, go shopping for something that supports 802.11g.

However if your definition of "lag" coincides with latency (ping delay), you probably have an interference problem from other wireless networks. Try changing channels. For testing, ping your routers IP address ( and look at the numbers. They should be 1 or

2msec and very consistent. If they're higher and erratic, you have packet loss, which is a sign of RF interference.

Yes. I've had 2 of them. In their day, they were fine. However,

802.11g is much better at everything, that I see no reason to suffer with its limitations. It has some security problems, but nothing I consider particularly disgusting:

Ummm... is Google down?

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Jeff Liebermann

I think not. if you have been happy with a D-Link 802.11b router for 8 years, you would probably enjoy a new router for $39.

On the other hand, you might try a factory reset on the router you have. Or maybe a simple five minute power cycle on modem and router.

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On Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:39:57 -0700, Jeff Liebermann sayd the following:

I'm only concered with my WIRED connection though. How would 802.11g improve the speed of me being wired directly from COMP to ROUTER to CABLE?

The wireless is not the part I meant.

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Robert Blass


Sorry but I can't help without a clue as to what you mean by "lots of lag". I'll make it easy:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. What equipment and software do you have to work with?
  3. What have you done so far and what happened?
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Jeff Liebermann

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008 18:07:50 -0700, Jeff Liebermann sayd the following:

srry, i not very brite...bare with me plz

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Robert Blass

My DI-714P+ needed a new power supply.

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On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 20:36:26 +0200, F8BOE sayd the following:

My "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" seems to work fine, it has power as I type. I was just wondering if the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" needed replaced or not.

The "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" has been working so I probably shouldn't replace the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router.

If any of you know of horror stories related to the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router please let me know. As I said earlier I've has the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router 8 years now and so far the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router isn't a big issue.

I bought the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" in a package deal with a wireless card otherwise I wouldn't have the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" today. Probably would have went with a Lynksis router but now I have the "D-Link DI-614+ Rev B" router.


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Robert Blass

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