WRT54G VPN Problems.

Have VPN setup on the network. Windows 2003 server that acts as RRAccess server and another one that authenticates user in AD. I can connect to VPN succesfully from inside the network. I assume that means that VPN server is itself setup correctly and that the problem is with the router. the router is WRT54G ver 5. Firmware vesion 1.00.6 which is the latest

Under FIREWALL I have all the following UNchecked: Block Anon Internet Requests Filter Multicast Filter Internet NAT Redirection Filter IDENT(Port 113) which is greyed out for some reason

Under VPN I have the all the following ENABLED: IPSec Passthrough PPTP Passthrough L2TP Passthrough

Under Port forwarding I have following: Ports 1723, 500, 47, and 50 are forwarding to the internal machine that hosts VPN server.

Now this setup used to work and now we aren't sure why it doesn't anymore. Client only says "Connecting to network.org" I can ping the WAN port of the router successfully and there are no software fiewalls on the server.

Should I try to install the open source firmware on it.?


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