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how to edit wikipedia through vpn
wikipedia is blocked in my country. i can read wikipedia through a vpn but i can't edit it. is there any way to edit wikipedia if it is blocked (other than asking wikipedia to give me permission).
2 years ago
Which is best?
I see three ways to get a VPN My browser has one My router has one I can install one on my computer Which is best?
2 years ago
UK Residential Mobile Proxies
Check it out here: Skype: live:admin_178288 Thank you for your interest in Mobile Proxies. Mobile proxies are based on the latest generation of 4G LTE technology and are used by cellular devices . As...
3 years ago
Live FortiGate II Training and Certification Courses Online
The FortiGate II course combines instructor-led training and interactive la bs to build a working knowledge of advanced FortiGate networking and securi ty features. This course follows the FortiGate I...
4 years ago
Re: Which vpn?
Flip a quarter, we own both. In article AnYa, we are all experts on "nordvpn and purevpn"... Never heard of them. Is the user trying to hide downloading porn or pirated media content? What is the...
4 years ago 2
Re: VPN Services Report Huge Increase
In article Fritz Wuehler wrote: That won't stop a Mac from getting hacked. On Wed, 7 Jun 2017 01:05:53 +0200 (CEST), LO AND BEHOLD; "An Metet " determined that the following was of great importance...
4 years ago 1
Need recommendation
Home user needs recommendations for VPN. Light use. Thank you. alek Wrote in message: I forgot to mention that my desktop is wired to a Comcast Cable modem/router. Does VPN work over Ethernet? Sorry...
5 years ago 1
Re: How do you tell what kind of VPN when you're in a VPN session?
Here is a log file of what happens when I download an arbitrary VPN config file from and then I run that file using this: $ sudo openvpn --config that-file.ovpn & $ sudo openvpn --config...
6 years ago 5
How do you tell what kind of VPN when you're in a VPN session?
Maybe this is an obvious question, but how do you tell what kind of VPN you're running when you're in the middle of a VPN session? Here's all I did to run a vpn session: 1. Install openvpn ($ sudo...
6 years ago
The Ultimate VPN Browser
Be Advised: VPN providers offer, at best, varying levels of *pseudo-anonymity* only! Connect to your VPN. Download Tor Browser Install to a unique directory or usb stick. Start your newly installed...
6 years ago 1
Why can't a VPN ovpn file set everything that needs to be set?
Why can't a VPN ovpn file set everything that needs to be set? What do I need to do to get a simple ovpn file to set up a vpn in NetworkManager in a single file load, including the connection type, ca...
7 years ago 1
Connection Issues with VPN and SSH Tunnel
I'm getting a new smartphone soon and in preparation I'm trying to learn VPN and SSH tunneling to cloak my smartphone data. I'm practicing those technologies on my current elderly LG Vortex...
7 years ago
XP tips for connecting to vpnS
This post is meant to assist certain XP users who may experience VPN login problems. I was very frustrated by this until I arrived at the solution below. My post applies mostly to Securitykiss (SK)...
8 years ago
Which free public vpn service do you recommend for Ubuntu?
Anyone using a free public online vpn service on Ubuntu? Which existing free public vpn service do you recommend? Proxies don't encrypt all ports and setting up my own vpn server isn't the goal at...
8 years ago
Does VPN traffic stand out from other traffic to the ISP?
What does the ISP actually *see* when VPN is trafficking his network? I realize he sees "gibberish", but, can he just look at that gibberish and say "that looks a lot like my subscriber is using VPN"?...
8 years ago 2