software that helps resolve vpn problems?

I'm having great difficulty trying to get Cisco vpn client version 4.6 to connect to a vpn server over the internet. The vpn client is on a windows xp pc and an 02 Broadband connection using an 02 wireless box. I think these 02 wireless boxes are rubbish and may be the source of my problem but I need more data to be sure. The firewall in the

02 box is hard wired at 'standard' level and cannot be disabled and the user interface is baffling when it comes to ports and such. From the client I can ping the ip address of the server location and I get four replies. When trying to connect the vpn client fails with the message '....failed to establish a TCP connection'. Something tells me the vpn connection is failing to make it beyond the 02 box but without more data I can't be certain. Thus I was wondering if anyone knew of software that will troubleshoot a vpn connection and give data and feedback on where the blocks are. Thanks for any help.
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connect to a vpn

the 02 box is

the server


what are the IP numbers in the VPN?

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Rick Merrill

yeah right....

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