VPN setup?

Are there any VPN setup guides on the net that people can reccomend? I'm trying to set up a VPN for use when travelling, but I'm not understanding the terms and other constraints in the guides I'm seeing.

I've got a Dell Latitude D610 runnning WinXPpro SP2 with an Intel

2200BG card that'll connect to various APs.

At home I've got an Adtran 2054 router with VPN settings.

I do vaguely remember that you can't assign IPs to the VPN clients within the same range of IPs that they'd have on their roaming APs, but I can't remember the details...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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William P.N. Smith
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That I know about, a VPN with two valid end points is hardware to hardware router to router or router to FW appliance.

Or it's a software to software VPN setup. I know that they do have FW appliances that have VPN software solutions for client machines that are dedicated to work with the FW appliance.

You should be able to do a software to software VPN setup through the XP NT based O/S. O/S to O/S VPN connection that uses IPsec.

The VPN solutions I have used were either software to software like AT&T's Extranet client or I used a NAT router or FW appliance and connected with a VPN solution that way..

They have these kind of solutions too.

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I guess this card you're talking about has some kind of VPN in it. I guess it's a thing if you can get it to work with the router.

Duane :)

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