Windows Small Business Server 2003 and VPN

My client has a SBS2003 SP1 domain in my town and two small domains in branch offices. They use a VPN connection for occassional use back to HQ directly from a VPN session on the user's desktop.

All had been working great but one user a couple of weeks ago developed 721 errors when she brought up the connection. But only on one workstation in her office (her normal one by the nice window).

I enabled roaming profile so we could move her to one of the other workstations where there was no connection problem.

Well of course she starts the VPN connection and now, on the new workstation where it had worked before, she gets 721.

I have checked the VPN connection and it is identical. Firewall settings are controlled through the domain.

Is there an area on the windows registry I can check further for saved credentials or something? The remote server shows no errors.


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Well I have formated both machines and problem gone.

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