Unstable WLAN/VPN

I have the following problem:

When connected to the Internet with WLAN together with VPN, the WLAN-connection gets interrupted from time to time due to physical properties of the WLAN-Connection (high distance between antennas, also termal effects/weather seem to play a role). Those interruptions occur approximately each 2h.

In consequence, the VPN-connection gets interrupted as well.

Whereas the WLan connection gets re-established automatically after a few seconds, the VPN connection needs a password and username to reconnect.

This is quite frustrating, because when i run some program(e.g. server), it gets disconnected after 2h, and i cant't use it any more without manually reconnecting the VPN.

Is there a workaround? For example a script that does the job of reconnecting the vpn client, when the VPN connetion has been closed? Let's assume, that security issues don't play a role. I use the cicsco VPN Client.

Thx in advance

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