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Hi... i recentlyy moved here in indonesia . im staying in a hotel with internet access in every room ...broadband type ...and need a password to login on a redirect website like a hotspot portal ... i tried using other software such as irc and netgames but failed to establish or connect to any server due to filtered connection .. so im thinking of running my own vpn server at home in the philippines (will be the server side) . i tried using the winxp VPN server thing .. but failed to connect it says unreachable guessing pptp port is block or something .... my mom got vpn access on her laptop ... i checked it ..using IPsec/UDP and IPsec/TCP port 10000 ... using cisco client ..... i would like o know how to tunnel my way out so i can access other stuff .. what to install on my home pc ... windows XP (server) windows XP (client)

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Does it work after you authenticate with the portal? Usually that will open up the access in these hotel situations.

Is this simply a case of looking for a way to steal internet without paying and signing into the portal?

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