VPN under Linux

Ok, here's the problem.....

I got one Desktop-PC(WinXP) and a Laptop(Debian Linux).

The Desktop-PC has two network-cards:

1.) a Netgear 311v2 WLan Adapter 2.) A 100 Mbit Intel Ethernet Adapter

My Laptop has 1 network card:

1.) 100 MBit Ethernet Adapter

The Ethernet adapter of my Desktop-PC is connected with the Etehrnet adapter of my Laptop.

The "Netgear 311v2" gives access to the Internet in two ways:

1.) a restricted Internet Access (e.g ssh is not permitted ) 2.) a unrestricted Internet Access(ssh usage is possible) together with a vpn software (Cisco VPN Client)

I configured my Dektop-PC as a Gateway , so that i can use the Internet access on my Laptop. Everything works fine in the case of the restricted Internet access - I can surf on the Laptop without problems. In order to use the unrestricted Internet access on the Laptop i installed the "cisco vpn client for linux" on my Laptop. When i start it, everything seems to be ok - The VPN client establishes the connection, outputs the connection information like , IP adress of vpn server and so on. But when i start a application like firefox, i have no access to the internet. I even can't ping the vpn server to which the conection has been established.

Some advices?

Thx in advance


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