Cisco VPN client software and Windows 2000 Server

I have recently installed the Cisco VPN Client software (version to enable me to connect to a company VPN. My desktop machine is running Win2K Server as a domain controller, connecting directly to a D-Link Wireless router via an ethernet cable. I have configured the Cisco client software exactly as specified by the company setting up the VPN. When I connect to the VPN, I stay connected for approximately 30 - 60 seconds before the connection is terminated with a "Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client. Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding"

I have found also that if I start a remote desktop session to a machine in behind the VPN connection, the connection is terminated even earlier than the 30-60 secs.

Now, here is the really strange part, I have also installed the Cisco VPN Client software on my aptop running Win XP SP2 connection to the same router but via the wireless link and this connections connects successfully and remains connected as long as I wish.

I am absolutely baffled and seem to have the network company administering the VPN baffled too, so would really appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks in advance

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First of all, have you checked the cabling from server to router? So many times i've seen incorrect termination or an untapped line. If you have a cat5 continuity tester, start there.

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Is this a production server you're running the client on? Do you have issues with packets dropping to/from your server? Any problems with slowness?

If you're trying to link to a company domain via another domain controller, this isn't usually a wise move. Is there a reason you're trying to connect from a DC?

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