Soho 6 MUVPN problem, Can't ping WINS server from one location but can from another

I am not very technical so excuse my terminolgy but here is the problem. I am running Mobile user VPN 7.3 to connect to my Soho 6 box at my office(5 user). I have it running perfectly on my home computer. Then I set it up on my Bosses laptop and tested it at my house and it works. ( It Connects and I can ping the server at its local address Then he took his laptop home and he CAN connect however it will not see the server. ( I can't ping it by ip or by name, yet I can ping the Soho 6 at its local address

I need it to be able to see the server from his house so I can connect to the exchange server.

I am stumped. He has a dell wireless router and i reset it to factory default. I also reset my wireless linksys at home and it still worked just fine at my house but not at his.

It must a problem in his router config, right? But what would linksys have open standard that dell would not?

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