Problem with one PC on network.

I am hoping someone out there can point me in the right direction.

My wife's PC (XP Home) connects wirelessly to the Router (Linksys WRT54GX4 with latest firmware) using the Linksys PCI card and antenna made for it (with SRX400 - also fully updated). The problem is she keeps loosing her connection to the internet (but not the connection to the router). I have found running MS's TCP/IP reset (guided help) program usually fixes the problem. Sometimes all I have to do is ping the router and it connects again? It seems to be a TCP/IP stack problem or an in ability to find the DNS Server...? Some times it will go days without incident or only a few minutes?

Any suggestions?

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I suggest that you hook the machine to a wire connection before you assume it's some kind of TCP/IP issue with the O/S. If it's not dropping when using a wire connection, then you know it has nothing to do with the O/S.

I suspect you have some kind of wireless issue router or card, as there can be 100% connection between the router and the card, but the machine still may not be able to connect to the Internet, because it's not using an IP on the router that's going to allow it to access the Internet, like the other machines are doing.

If the IP the machine has starts with 169 by using IPconfig /all at the Command Prompt, then it's not using an IP on the router and the O/S has assigned the IP, which will not let the machine access the Internet.

The 169 IP will allow the machine to access other machines on the LAN. Or the IP is zero.

If you're resetting the TCP/IP Stack, then it's because the 169 IP cannot be released by a reboot of the machine or by using IPconfig /release and IPconfig /renew. The TCP/IP Stack has to be reset at that point.

Even on a wire connection, I had a problem at work where my machine would loose and regain connection to the Internet, with the 169 IP showing. It was due to a bad cable at the network switch.

I also suggest you post to a wireless NG about your possible wireless issues.

Duane :)

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Mr. Arnold

Machine is taking Ip from DHCP running on Wireless Router or its static ip scheme. What is teh minimum lease trime for a mchine in DHCP. Did you try doing NSLOOKUP to check the correct DNS is working or not. Plese try working on wired network too then may be you cancome to exact problem which is happening.


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Thanks for the suggestions,

Turns out it was a wireless issue. On a hunch I disabled the speed boost option in the (Wireless)NIC driver, and using a signal strength monitoring program picked the best channel for router. I guess there is just too much interference around here to keep both the up and down stream channels in sync (there are 4 other wireless networks in the neighbourhood as well as my two cordless phone bases (in the same wireless range and a Cell Tower 1/2 a block away...).

Her PC has been connected now for a two days without issue. For now she will have to live with 54Mbps.

Thanks again!

"Mr. Arnold" > WRT54GX4 with latest firmware) using the Linksys PCI card and antenna

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