Cisco VPN Client WINS Problem?


I have an odd problem with ONE of my laptops connecting through a VPN connection. Two weeks ago, the user could connect fine. Now he connects but cannot access anything on the server unless he does so by IP Address \\\\SERVERIP\\folder instead of servername. The login script runs but it does not map the drives. The odd thing is, it happens only at his house when he is connecting over his cable internet connection. Has anyone heard of any problems using cable internet?

All his connection info is correct, his WINS and DNS Servers are fine. Using split tunneling and he can access the internet. When I tested it on a DSL line, it worked fine. He can access everything through the IP Address and there are no errors in the VPN log.

Using Cisco VPN Client 4.6 to an ASA. All other users connect fine from home but those users are using DSL.

I do not see any errors in logs. I do not see any errors in sh crypto ipsec stats, sh crypto ipsec sa, sh crypto isakmp stats, sh crypto isakmp sa.

Thanks for any advice.

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