Router to Router VPN Recommendations, please!


I have a Router to Router VPN that is not too reliable. I blame the modem/router link. I'm using Zoom ADSL X4 and Linksys BEFVP41 kit at each end. Sometimes the link will stay up for weeks, but when you least expect it, it will drop, you have to restart the modems/routers, and off you go again. The users are fed up with the disruption, and so am I with having to support it. I had the broadband lines upgraded to MAX ADSL to improve things without success. There may be a problem with a fax machine on one of the lines that is disrupting the connection, although this is double filtered. So to ensure that its not a problem I have ordered a new line that will be purely for the broadband connection. Would anyone like to recommend some hardware that will be more reliable? For example, do Cisco make an all in one modem/router that would be as easy to configure as a BEFVP41?

Regards, WS

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it sounds like you are chasing the wrong issue.

given the description, you get intermittent failures in the VPN.

So - changing the underlying connections may improve the rate of interruptions, but you have a separate issue in that the VPN doesnt "self heal" after a fault.

FWIW i would sort the recovery after a fault problem - real networks always go wrong sononer or later.

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It has been my experience that it is not necessarily the VPN products that are the problem as much as the connection.

Get T1's on each end and then see what happens. Does this increase the cost? HELL yes, but it decreases support issues tremendously.

If anything, can you get buisness class Cable Internet access?

I have DSL users that get kicked ALL the time, but Cable sings right along while they connect to our T1.


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