advice please on which router will work

Hi all,

Need to add wireless to my system to connect another PC to my broadband that is too far away for cable.

Bought a wirelss networking pci card for the PC.

Now I'm confused. I bought an ADSL wirelsss modem only to realise that's no use as my internet arrives through the wall as an ethernet connection (it comes from my Virgin media cable modem).

So I assume I need a wireless router (not adsl) with several ethernet ports to serve the 2 cable connected machines too.

To make things easier they are all on Win XP.

What do I buy? Do I connect to the main PC via usb or ethernet cable? Why do there seem to be so many models of Linksys machine (which seem pretty good value) that do the same job?

Above all, what can I buy that I can plug in instead of my cable router that will create a wireless network I can log the extra PC on to.

For about £30.


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Rob Cullen
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My son bought a Belkin Wireless G F5D7230-4 for Virgin cable. This router connects to the Virgin DSL router thus providing cable and wireless connection.

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Sue Ridge

Uh oh.. well first of all, don't assume, adsl is NOT the same as USB... you had "assumed".... "So I assume I need a wireless router (not adsl) with several ethernet ports to serve the 2 cable connected machines too." Scrap the words in parends (not adsl) and make them (not USB)....

the above is minor, and just a minor terminology problem, however, which Cable modem exactly do you have? Some have built in wireless and a DHCP server, and it's problematic adding anything else wireless (depending on other features you have, like VOIP, may get you different equipment too)....

*if* it is just a straight modem only, then just a simple wap/router (tons of em available, ethernet in and both multiple ethernets and wireless out) will do what you want, but it all depends on what you specifically have from Virgin.....

As for what to get cheap? Fraid I don't know what stores you have near you, here in the US I just get a Linksys WRT54G from walmart for about $47 US....

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