L2TP VPN with Sonicwall TZ170


I'm trying to set up the L2TP VPN server built into my Sonicwall TZ 170 security applicance in order to connect to it using the MS Windows

2000/XP VPN client. I've enabled the L2TP server in my Sonicwall and created a VPN user. The problem is, when I try to connect using the WinXP VPN client, I get the following error messages:

1) If I set the VPN type to Autodetect in the Windows client, it is unable to connect because "the security settings might be wrong" (which could mean anything).

2) If I explicitly set the VPN type to L2TP in the Windows client, it says that a certificate is required on my PC for this connection. I don't have any problems connecting to other VPNs without a certificate, however.

How can I get this working?

Thanks, Nick

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Did you try the instructions at the SonicWall site? I'm curious if this works, and if it works for simultaneous connections without licenses for the Global VPN Client.

The link is:

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