newbie problems mpd server on freebsd

I want to set up a VPN server on a freebsd machine so Windows clients can use it.

I am using FreeBSD 6.1 and mpd 3.18 from the ports collection.

My basic problem is that mpd does not do anything and doesn't complain about anything, so I'm not making much progress.

I run mpd with "mpd -k -s higvpn"

Here are various facts and/or symptoms

1) all the show commands show there isn't anything (bundles, links, etc. etc.) 2) netstat says nobody's listening on 1723 3) Windows VPN's produce error 678 ("There was no answer") which seems consonant with (2) 4) I can't find any trace info anywhere 5) there is no firewall issue because the freebsd vpn server and Windows machine are both on my own little network (192.168.0) and neither machine has one for the time being

In an effort to embarrass myself here is my mpd.conf file

default: load pptp1 load pptp2

pptp1: new -i ng0 pptp1 pptp1 load common

pptp2: new -i ng1 pptp2 pptp2 load common

common: set iface disable on-demand set iface enable proxy-arp set iface idle 0 set iface enable tcpmssfix set bundle enable multilink set link enable acfcomp protocomp set link no pap chap set link enable chap set link keep-alive 10 60 set ipcp yes vjcomp set ipcp ranges set ipcp dns #set ipcp nbns #set bundle enable compression #set ccp yes mppc #set ccp yes mpp-e40 #set ccp yes mpp-e128 #set ccp yes mpp-stateless

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