Newbie SIP Server question

Can anyone tell me if SIP services are usually a fee based service, and/or if there are any reliable free services available?

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The SIP services based on free and, or open standards mostly are compatible; though this depends on an underlying implementation stack.

It is not mandatory for the ITSP, but most of these provide free PC to PC calls for their registered users and, or even peers. However all those calls which need to routed through PSTN Gateways are charged legitimately, because they are required to pay for these to other telcos who operate PSTN exchanges.

I have no experience with the quality, congestion and, or dependability of any such services, but you may try the following yourself:

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Hope that helps :)

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Balwinder S "bsd" Dheeman

The granddaddy of free SIP calls, Jeff Pulver's Free Wold Dialup, is still around, so is SIP Broker.

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The inter "service provider" ties are still very scarce. Most of the bigger VOIP services try to keep their customers from making direct SIP calls to anyone but another of their customers. Some will have access codes etc. to call customers of other service providers, others will not. You might need to get a second SIP phone that isn't under the control of a non-cooperating VOIP provider if you want to random folks directly.


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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht


Thanks everyone!

This helps alot.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:

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