VPN problems with Linksys WRT300N .. but WRT54GS works!

My trusty BEFSR41 failed after many years of service (it was unable to get IP address lease from the cable modem). I purchased a WRT300N, figuring that I might use the Wifi feature in the future, even though I don't have any wireless devices right now.

So, I install the new router, change my password, disable the Wireless features, verify that the VPN passthrough are enabled. My 2 PC's (running XP Pro) in the LAN can access the internet just fine .. until I initiate VPN (Cisco client) on the PC I use for work. As soon as that VPN is established, I lose all connectivity on that PC. I cannot ping any devices at work or on the internet. I even disabled the firewall features on the router, but to no avail. All functionality was restored when I disconnected from the VPN.

I returned that router and installed a WRT54GS. Everything, including VPN worked right off the bat (I changed the password and disabled wireless on this as well.). Again, VPN passthrough (all 3 protocols) was enabled (by default) in both routers.

I can only conclude that there is some bug in the WRT300N firmware.

The hardware and firmware versions of my devices were:

WRT300N: ver 1.1 Firmware 1.51.2 dated 6/4/07 WRT54GS: ver 7.0 Firmware 7.50.0 dated 3/20/07

Any ideas, comments?

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Aloke Prasad
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