Voice over IP and cordless phone?

I got voip or digital phone service from Time Warner/ BrightHouse Networks and I would like to know what kind of cordless phone to buy.

My current standard cordless phone doesn't work I get echos and sound like I am in a wind turnnel. A non-cordless phone works just fine

The equipement use is the Arris Touchstone Telephony Modem that is a Cablemodem as well. The sytem is install with a 2 phone jack plate one for the modem to plug in and the bottom jack my normal phone plugs into. This making all phone jacks on my house work on the voip network.

Customer service at Bright House says I should be able to use a cordless phone. If I can't use a cordless phone it is really not life of death but, I would perfer to use one if I can.

Thanks Randall

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Randall Lind
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I use Panasonic's 5.8Ghz expandable phone system and it works well. I use it with Voicepulse phone service and works quite well.

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