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I have a good understanding of VoIP and how it works and all. I am planning on creating a gateway, but I need a couple hardware/software questions answered before I waste too much time diving into it. Also, if anybody has a sample of how they configured a Linux VoIP gateway it would help.

Scenario: I am going to create an internet VoIP gateway using Linux. I am going to have a public interface, and then a modem to PSTN.

Question 1: Are you able to use a regular 56k modem to make calls from this gateway, or do you need a card like the LineJack card?

Question 2: Will gateway software such, as Open H323 PSTNgw or Vocal, be the software to use to translate from this modem to the network inteface?


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J. Crocker
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has the answer to all your questions and this
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should get you started.

-- Soren

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