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How can I conventional phone calls from my computer by using my cable modem, without going through a website?

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Black Adder
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Perhaps you'd get more replies if you explained what you mean by "going through a website".

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Timothy Daniels

skype, vonage, and the like

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Todd H.

I am a convert to VOIP. Here in Topeka our cable service has high speed internet and phone service. Your standard phone just plugs into the same cable modem as your computer uses. This box is made by Arris and is a telephone telephony modem. The box also has capability for a fax machine or a second phone line. I am not sure whether the whole COX network has phone service or if they are using Topeka as a testing ground. Last I knew Time Warner was trying the same thing.

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TimeWarner offers TW DigitalPhone(VOIP) since last fall in this area (NW Ohio). I've seen several VOIP cablemodems installed in this neighborhood. I have the Motorola SBV5220 Surfboard model. It also has the two phone line ports in the back. However, TW at this time is only offering one line capability with the possibility of enabling the second as a different number later. Fax works fine here over it. Unlimited LD both intrastate and nationally as well as several US territories and Canada 24/7 are included as are several extra cost features when I had Verizon. Right now I'm paying @24.95 per month and am quite happy with it.

There is provision for two backup batteries in the case, but TW didn't install any. Their logic is that the cable network would be down in the event of a power outage. I have it plugged into a UPS as it is. I also have cellphones.

TW does handle their VOIP offering slightly differently than Vonage or others. TW Cable handles the call until it reaches a switching station, and then the call is handed off to another regular phone service to finish it like it would be when using Verizon POTS. I'm not sure of the company that does handle it under contract for TW.

The nice part is that the phone line gets a separate IP and doesn't share bandwidth with my RoadRunner IP at all.

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John Gray

I know that Sprint has a contract with TW to do what you mentioned above, but I don't know if it's an exclusive contract, so it may vary from one area to another.

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Bill M.

Bill M. wrote in news:

Sprint does ring a bell. Thanks.

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John Gray

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I don't know - I think I'm gonna pack my stuff and take him up on it.

Hope these come out in a plain text post:

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I'm pretty sure Sprint handles the connection across the entire TW network. They did in NYC as well.

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